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Hello! Welcome to the Art of Sun Park!
 This is the logo design for the Mutagen.
"Mutagen" is my own story and graduation thesis that I have been working on. It is concept art for animation.  It's waring to people that what we responsible to nature because some people destroy nature for their comfort.  

There are two big disaster Chernobyl in Russia 1985 and Fukushima in  Japan 2011. Nuclear Disaster had caused changes in climate worldwide and mutated animal, nature and Human. In the concept art "Mutagen" the image of mutated city shows whimsical environment and unique creature while grabbing audience's of curiosity during Sveta's journey. The main purpose of "Mutagen" gives message 
"Precious Nature"to people.
In 2050, technology more advanced  equally people's lives got better as well. However, reckless exploitation and industrial development caused immense pollution and ecological disturbance.
Continuing negligence of nature finally reached to mutation of several lives.
Sveta was a playful and inquisitive kindergarden student. However, she neglected to care or  conserve our nature. One day, she found mutated cat has glowing body and long tail. She started to follow the cat with her curiosity.
The cha was headed for a sailing boat near the river.
The cat got on the boat and wagged the tail as if to tell to get on the boat. As soon as, she was aboard the boat, it started to sail to some place. The boat finally arrived at a stange
Sveta found the mutated catfish in the mutated city.

 They met the group of creatures, Helinas, 
who painting the buildings and taking care of the nature in the mutated city,


Sveta :playful, cute, friendly
6 years old, 3 ft, symbol of the people who destroy nature in the story.

Fyodor : smart, mature, kind
64years old and 3.5 ft, living in the mutated city
He shows and tells to Sveta how they survive in the mutated city.
Rebekka: curios, arrogant, quiet
Rebekka lives in both mutated and normal city.
Nikifor: dark, aggressive, grumpy
Nikifor is owner of International Uranium Enrichment Centre and 
creates the Uranium Generator.

Copy right by Sun Park

Environment 01 Process
Environment 02

The bridges of Moscow city in Russia, one of the background studies for my graduation thesis I am working on.              March 2011

                       The white tree in the ruin city - Nov 2010

                         The swamp in the cave - Nov 2010